Monday, June 22, 2015

Family Photo

At least once per year I try to get a good family photo without spending a fortune. I can manage to get nice pictures of the girls but never with Kevin and myself in it too. The photographer I'm using for the Ollie and Olina photo shoot was doing mini sessions. We were able to just purchase one digital image!! I've been super disappointed with family photos in the past so it really made me smile to capture such a great moment on film. If you have kids you know it's near impossible to get them all to look at the camera at the same time and have a good smile on. Charlotte's expression is priceless. I'm in love.

Tanya Haswell, owner of Now It's Personal Photography, did a wonderful job! We took photos at 7:30pm on a beautiful night and even used one of my personal favorite quilts to sit on. (It's the summer sampler series.)

I'm wearing a beautiful shirt by Escapada that I purchased at Everve. Kevin has on his favorite puckerware shirt from Patagonia and the girls are wearing coral and blue dresses from Gymboree. I love the color coordination but not the matchy-matchy that this color platform gave us.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Charlotte Finishes Kindergarten

Today Charlotte graduated from kindergarten from St. Francis Borgia Catholic School​. We have been a part of the school community for three years and each year somehow is far superior to the year before. The teachers are seriously magical. The doors have closed and the kids will enter a NEW school next fall-- they are very blessed! Gretchen will be there in one more year, for kindergarten.

We are so proud of this 6yo. She's probably the last in class to loose a tooth (was pulled at the dentist a few weeks ago) but is an awesome reader and has a kind heart. Besides academics, Charlotte has learned a lot about herself including when to be patient, when to step down, and when to be good when it really counts. These things I'm most proud of her for.

As for a jungle ornithologist, she came up with this on her own. She said, "I want to live in the jungle and take care of parrots and other birds." I had to look it up, but I knew there was somebody who did things like that. Next in line was still her option to be a rock star, but that really is not going to be an option for her (vocally).

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Gretchen Graduates from 3K

Today Gretchen graduated from 3K. She's been in the program for over a year and is now four. I have had such a wonderful experience with the Early Childhood program at Grafton Elementary School. The teachers are magical! With Gretchen's speech apraxia, she really struggled to find her words and has some motor planning issues. The staff, including OT and speech, have helped tremendously! Gretchen is almost always confident in herself and finally has some opinions. She plays well with others and most people just love her.

We are super proud of what she's overcome. This summer will be filled with summer school (speech) and lots of playing. We are going to work on /s/ sounds at home and some other things like writing her name and letter recoginition. She can write her name, legibily, but we'll work on making it better.

It's hard not to love this little face and fashionista. Although she now wants to be a nurse doctor, I have a feeling we may see some fashion in her future.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Introducing Ollie & Olina

For those of you who have just landed here, the blog moved in 2014 and in 2015 we changed our name. I welcome you to find us over at Ollie & Olina, come and shop and read! We have everything you need for your newborn.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

it's your special day

I love starting new traditions at our house. It makes me feel like I'm making it my family. At my mom's house she has a "Special Day" plate. It's not from when I was a kid because I don't remember it at all. However, the grandkids always fight over it when we go there. It got me thinking... we should have a special day plate at the LaPean house!

I never got around to it.

Enter a great MOMS Night out at Glaze in Thiensville-- a do-it-yourself pottery place. I had been meaning to go there and I wish I would have gone sooner. It was awesome and I can't wait to make a million more projects (look out Christmas).

I made our family a special day plate. It took awhile to gain some inspiration but I'm super pleased with how it turned out. It's the size of a dinner plate. My handwriting is good considering I've never really done this before. But there is certainly room for improvement.

So, get out there and create a new tradition for your house. It's ok to copy another person, if it's new to your family and it will be fun, that's all that matters. The girls are already fighting over who gets to use it. See, that's the deal though, it's has to be your special day! No arguments then!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

kid's art line

When Charlotte started coming home with artwork from preschool almost every day I knew we had to come up with a plan. She wanted me to keep and hang all of her stuff and there just isn't enough wall in our house to do that. I had seen an art line at someone else's house and knew this wall in our family room would be perfect.

The wire is from Ikea and cost like $7-- cheap! Kevin installed it for me and the hooks for it are also from Ikea. I also wanted to have a decal to put over the line and this one seemed to fit great for what my vision was. I think I ordered it from but can't really remember. I had a hard time putting it up and really getting the letters to stick and be smooth. I also put it up crooked. Luckily it was easy to re-position. The end product turned out great. Now two of the girls love to hang their recent art work on the "art line" and proudly display what they have created. 

No mess all over my windows and everybody can see it. Now, take a trip to Ikea and make one for yourself! I've also seen people use the 1/2" curtain rods to hang the work too.

Friday, April 25, 2014

please support a local mom

This week a mom I know from MOMS Club lost her husband. Their second son is in Charlotte's 4K class. He left a wife and three sons (under 7) behind. It's awful and sad. The community I live in has come togethter to show support faster than I've ever seen anything accomplished.

We are all working to support her financially as best we can (funeral expense) and also help to supply meals even months from now.

Here is a link to donate money directly to her family:

Anything you can donate would help her and her three kids.

Afer I heard the news I seriously couldn't imagine that happening and how devastated I would be to lose my hubby. Our girls would be affected forever. So little. So little understanding.

Please help and pray.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

diy keepsake baby hats

I love decorating my girls' rooms. They each have their own little "theme" in at least colors. I also love to have a little "baby" in their rooms to remind me how small they were. Each one has their baby hat mounted inside a shadow box and also a 6-month handprint in a frame. It's something that I hope they can take with them when they are big and have children of their own.

It's easy to do! The shadow boxes are from Michael's (use a coupon!!) and then I covered the back in fabric (no glueing needed). The boxes come with little pins to put the hat in place. I printed the name cards on cardstock at home to personalize the hats.

Elsa has two hats. The pink one I made because I had finally learned to knit. The hospital gave her the Christmas one becuase she was born right before Christmas. It was a little too small so she needed one a bit bigger but I had to keep both!

Hopefully this inspires you to create something memorable for your little one!


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