Tuesday, January 18, 2011

grasslands quilt front

First quilt (almost) done for 2011. Considering I've had a really hard time sitting at the kitchen table sewing these last two months, I'm so happy I was able to finish the projects I had started. This way, I can clean off my kitchen table and prepare the house for a new family member and many other visitors to welcome the new package.

This is a twin size quilt for the cabin. Did I mention that I LOVE it! I LOVE it! I really think these earthy colors fit so well together. The middle is four charm packs of Origins by Basic Grey for Moda. There are two borders, brown and a green print. I have the back pieced together as well. I won't be quilting this for awhile yet. (I can't reach the ground at all right now for starters.)

For those of you who ready my blog all to carefully, yes, I'm posting this at 3:38 a.m. I was sleeping so good, Kevin's not even snoring, and yet, I can't fall back asleep. I have moved out to the couch in hopes of getting a little more shut-eye before the dawn breaks. It's usually successful. I've been having a few Braxton-Hicks contractions at night, but it's nothing serious. Just wide awake it seems. Must be my body continually preparing me for the time I'll be spending next month nursing a baby during the wee-hours of the morning.

One another fun note, my co-worker Jenni had her baby daughter on Sunday, a few weeks early. Gina Rose. Both are very healthy and from what I hear, doing good. I'm next!!

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