Monday, October 24, 2011

felt advent calendar

Another project complete and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. If I were to ever make a second one, I'd do a few things differently, but this will look great in the house. I made a felt advent calendar for the count down to Christmas. The girls are going to love it! I think I'm also going to read a story each day when they can remove the candy and move the day marker. I was trying to mimic this one from Land of Nod. They charge $70. So, mine cost a lot less. I guess I can't complain too much.
felt advent calendar
I had a woman do some embroidery for me and I'm pretty happy. The numbers were a little too close together so they are not all the same size felt square. I would have also like to cut them in circles, but that would have been much harder to sew one. Going at it again, I think I would have had her embroider the numbers onto each square and THEN decorate it. Also, when sewing the numbers to the background I hot glued them down first. I think this was causing my needle to act up-- a little too sticky. The other idea was to have her embroider the numbers directly to the background, but that would have been more costly and require a lot more planning.

The advent squares shifted when I stitched them down. You really need to pin well for it to not shift. I did not glue those down because I wanted them to be open pockets. There is a wood dowel in the back to hang it by.

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The Michna's said...

Neat Advent calendar. It turned out really cool. How do you find the time?!


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