Saturday, January 1, 2011

simplicity quilt

Here is the most recent quilt top I've finished. I'm sad to say, it's my least favorite. After seeing the almost finished project, I do like it better then when I was working on it. The inspiration quilt by Jessy Roos is below. I didn't intend on having the cream stripes throughout my quilt, but in true Erika fashion, I botched my measurements again and needed to improvise. Somehow, I always seem to manage this. It's quite annoying. Quilt finishes at about 72x90 - a great twin size for the cabin. The binding is plaid fabric leftover from a previous quilt I made.

I bought a walking foot and straight-lined quilted it. It turned out pretty good. I was happy with the walking foot-- definitely made a difference. After being washed it looks a little better.

I think I've decided that from now on, I have to stick to fun prints. I just can't handle these colors or solid fabric. These aren't cheap to make so I should probably make something I really love and never want to get rid of!


jodydeschenes said...

sorry you are not happy with it...but it's REALLY PRETTY!

Erika L. said...

Thanks Jody. It's on the bed now and looks great. I think the colors just aren't my favorite.


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