Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Gretchen Graduates from 3K

Today Gretchen graduated from 3K. She's been in the program for over a year and is now four. I have had such a wonderful experience with the Early Childhood program at Grafton Elementary School. The teachers are magical! With Gretchen's speech apraxia, she really struggled to find her words and has some motor planning issues. The staff, including OT and speech, have helped tremendously! Gretchen is almost always confident in herself and finally has some opinions. She plays well with others and most people just love her.

We are super proud of what she's overcome. This summer will be filled with summer school (speech) and lots of playing. We are going to work on /s/ sounds at home and some other things like writing her name and letter recoginition. She can write her name, legibily, but we'll work on making it better.

It's hard not to love this little face and fashionista. Although she now wants to be a nurse doctor, I have a feeling we may see some fashion in her future.

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