Monday, June 22, 2015

Family Photo

At least once per year I try to get a good family photo without spending a fortune. I can manage to get nice pictures of the girls but never with Kevin and myself in it too. The photographer I'm using for the Ollie and Olina photo shoot was doing mini sessions. We were able to just purchase one digital image!! I've been super disappointed with family photos in the past so it really made me smile to capture such a great moment on film. If you have kids you know it's near impossible to get them all to look at the camera at the same time and have a good smile on. Charlotte's expression is priceless. I'm in love.

Tanya Haswell, owner of Now It's Personal Photography, did a wonderful job! We took photos at 7:30pm on a beautiful night and even used one of my personal favorite quilts to sit on. (It's the summer sampler series.)

I'm wearing a beautiful shirt by Escapada that I purchased at Everve. Kevin has on his favorite puckerware shirt from Patagonia and the girls are wearing coral and blue dresses from Gymboree. I love the color coordination but not the matchy-matchy that this color platform gave us.

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