Tuesday, September 8, 2015

School has finally started!

We started school in Wisconsin and wow was I ready for them to get back. Actually, they were ready too. My girls all operate really well with some routine and instruction. With Charlotte starting 1st grade, she's really hitting the big stuff now.

Our school year isn't all work. Elsa is taking a fun class at the YMCA and Gretchen will be taking a dance class on Wednesdays after school. Her 4-K class is only half-days. This is her first time taking anything like that and I know she's always wanted to. We have some passed-down dance outfits so all she needed was a new pair of ballet shoes. Gretchen also got her ears pierced!!! Lavender jewels. So far she has been taking very good care of her ears and is in LOVE with having them pierced. I know she's only 4.5yo but she was ready and knew exactly how they pierced ears and that it would hurt. She just simply wanted it done!


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