Saturday, February 15, 2014

new website

I've been doing a lot of research about starting an online business and online presence is a big factor. It had been a thought of mine for some time, so yesterday I officially created a Midwest Family Life website!! The site is beautiful and I'm so excited about it.

Go on, check it out!! It's basically a face page. I'm not going to sell anything through the site (yet)-- I'll still be using Etsy for that.

I happened to be in Brookfield yesterday so I also stopped by a local high-end baby botique to inquire if she would carry local, handmade items. She said all fabric in the store goes through lead testing (it's a requirement) and that the testing is quite expensive. So, that ruled out retail store. I still might try a local Cedarburg shop so stay tuned.

How can you help me? Go to the Facebook page, LIKE it and SHARE it. Or, just tell one person about my Etsy shop and give them the address. I know there are babies and mommies out there that would love to have a special item from my shop.

I can't resist, aren't they adorable? Dressed up for a princess party.

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