Wednesday, February 5, 2014

floating along

I'm really going to make an effort to try and blog a little more. You readers deserve a little more than I'm currently giving you.

Princess Party
The girls are getting so big. Charlotte is doing great in 4K, especially since she has her very own sticker chart each day. She has to get all 4 stickers for a job well done. Often times Charlotte boasts about getting stickers and nobody else does. I've tried to explain that she gets the chart becuase she couldn't listen in class and it's actually a bad thing that she has the sticker chart. She doesn't see it that way and clearly doesn't understand so I've given up. But, since the stickers, she's been awesome in class. Very respectful of others.

Gretchen was screened for the Early Learning at the public school. Next step will be an official referral and evaluation. We are back to speech once/week but I'm not really sure if she'll actually qualify for Early Learning. If she does, I'll have a kid starting school at 8:30am and one at 8:40am on the other side of town. I guess I'll figure that out once it's happening. Hmm.

Elsa is almost 14 months and still not walking. She squats to pick up things, dances, stands, balances-- but will not work. Stubborn at it's best. She says "mama" and "dada" and practically jumps out of the highchair when Kevin gets home (his twin). Elsa also does the signs for "banana" "milk" "more" and "all done." She's a hoot!! We are struggling with the one-nap or two-nap routine. Each day is different. At least she loves to play with others so the YMCA is my saving grace.

We love Pirate Booty.
As for the Etsy shop, I'm working really hard at generating some publicity. I'm doing a local craft fair on March 1st and I've just finished a whole bunch of custom orders. I really want to make this work. Last week I made Midwest Family Life an official company! Yes, you are looking at the 3rd small business owner in my family. Mom, you must be proud. Vist Etsy shop here or the orange E at the top.

I'm always doing more than I should be. Trying to work two other jobs, be a mom, clean the house, be a wife, walk the dog (huh?!), shovel snow, sleep (total priority), cook, knit, make Valentines, and a million other things. So far nobody is complaining yet but I'm sure at some point (probably work) will let me know I need to focus.

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