Friday, January 31, 2014

happy birthday gretchen!

Gretchen turned 3 on Monday -- WOW!!




This little girl hasn't changed one bit, she's only grown into herself. Gretchen is such a sweetheart-- loves to cuddle and loves to love. She's also a punk; changes clothes like 10 times/day and never puts any of it away. She loves dresses, jewlery, and just being pretty. Gretchen is a shy little girl unless her sister is around, then she's outgoing and fun. Charlotte is almost like her safety net.

The speech problem has gotten much better. She still has the apraxia diagnosis (I don't know if that goes away) and we have been going to speech 2-4x/week. This morning we are actually going to a screening at the local elementary school to see if she would qualify for the Early Learning Program for 3K in Fall. The speech therapist doesn't think so but said to have this done. Stay tuned for results!

But, Gretchen had a wonderful birthday and we love this overachiever. I wouldn't doubt it if she started riding a bike with NO training wheels this summer. That's how Gretchen rolls...

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