Sunday, December 29, 2013

ice skating fun

This Christmas I received new ice skates! They were on my list after Charlotte and I ice skated last winter and she enjoyed it. On the 26th I took Charlotte and Gretchen skating indoors with a friend. It took me awhile to get on the ice because my skates needed to be sharpened. I put Charlotte out there and Gretchen waited for me. The girls did awesome with their walkers. Gretchen sure was iffy on her feet but hung on tight and went with it. She was really enjoying herself.

It was over lunch time and I knew Gretchen was tired, but she refused to stay home. At one point Gretchen hit a wall and it was down hill from there. She was crying, her fingers were cold (I switched mittens), she wanted Daddy, and I decided to drive Gretchen home. Charlotte stayed with our friend.

After I got back, the girls were sitting off the ice having a snack. Charlotte said her feet hurt when I told her it was time to get back out there. I took off her skates to put on a larger size and her feet had squished marks on them!! No wonder! Then I had to explain to Charlotte that she needs to tell me when her feet hurt so bad they are making marks. I offered bigger skates but Charlotte just wanted to go home. It was Noon. We got there at 11am. So, within the 60 minutes we were there, I think I had my skates on like 25 minutes.

But, over the weekend we were in Green Bay and Kevin snow plowed the pond for us to skate on. Saturday was beautiful outside! It was sunny and almost 40. I was skating in a sweatshirt enjoying my new skates. After a stop for used skates that morning for Charlotte, she came out to skate with me and a new neighbor girl. It was fun and I'm glad they enjoy it as well. Kevin has even talked about getting hockey skates next winter. We'll see!!

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