Thursday, December 19, 2013

happy birthday elsa!

Where does the time fly? I preach this over and over again, my own broken record, but I honestly can't believe how fast the months go by. As a kid, I remember it taking forever for a year to pass by. I don't think I'm busier than I was as a kid, just a different kind of busy.

This little girl has come a long way since January and our RSV scare. Elsa spent 11 days at Children's Hospital and it was super scary. She's been healthy all year and I'm so thankful. Elsa is walking while pushing a little car or holding onto somebody. She doesn't stand by herself yet but tries to climb over the couch. She loves the tree but isn't destructive about it. She's obsessed with technology-- the iPad or phones. She honestly doesn't even want the light-up remote anymore, and when she doesn't get her way she screams on the floor. Something I totally expect.
Elsa is ONE!!
Elsa is a great eater and will eat whatever we have for dinner. She's off the bottle and drinks from a sippy cup. The switch to milk from formula went well except she only wants her milk warm. However, egg nog is acceptable cold. Elsa wants to be like her sisters and tries her very best to chase after them. She loves playing, is a great sleeper, and is always laughing. What a joy it is to be around her!

Elsa is 97% for height and 80% for weight. We switched her to the big car seat a few weeks back. Just look at those smiley faces. What fun it is to be at our house!

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