Tuesday, April 9, 2013

video: elsa rolling over

She did it! Almost 17 weeks, almost 4 months (on Saturday). Elsa rolled over this morning from her belly to her back. I have to help to make sure her arm is up, not down her side. If it's down, she can't roll over her arm. She's rolled over 4x today! This is big news. No more leaving this little girl on the couch.

Elsa is our little love and a fun one to be around. She looks at you, makes cute noises and smiles all the time. We can even get her to giggle. She is sleeping really great at night. Pulling 6-8 hour shifts, so I feed her once early morning (between 1am and 3am), then she goes back to bed with no issues.

Elsa has been a bit fussy with eating. I think the "convenience" feeding doesn't suit her anymore. She only wants to eat when hungry, but sometimes that doesn't fit into our schedule. The girls still love her and she's a perfect little sister.

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