Tuesday, April 16, 2013

elsa is 4 months

Sorry for my lack of contact. Things have been crazy around here as I'm being pushed to get in 20 hours/week for my other job. That means I'm working more nights and squeezing in more phone calls and paperwork during the day.

The weather has been horrible, you know that. We've been making the most of any window of true spring-like weather. We all took a trip to the zoo a few weeks ago, we went to Betty Brinn Children's museum last week, and the kids spent some time outside here and there in the last week. They are itching to be outside! I even pulled all the bikes out so that they can ride around.

Elsa is wonderful. She had her 4-month check-up yesterday. Elsa is 14 pounds (70%) and 25 inches (80%). I haven't had time to compare her to the other two, I'll have to do that. She is sleeping anywhere from 6-8 hours at night, it's just not always at the right time so I still wake up once to feed her at night. She is still working on rolling over and working at grabbing things and batting at hanging toys. Minus the small bald spot on the back of her head, she's perfect!

She travels great-- spending a lot of time in her car seat...sleeping. We are constantly on the go!

Gretchen's speech is awesome! She is really exploding with words. You might not know what the word is (i.e. swimsuit, hot dog) but we know what it is! Our therapist even said we could go down to once per week (a money saver!!!).

I had an awesome girls' weekend at the cabin this past Saturday. Kevin was at home with all three kids for like 36 hours. Wouldn't ya know, I had an 8-hr stomach bug and ended up getting majorily sick at the cabin during our party. It wasn't from alcohol...I wish it had been. So thanks for letting us go up there Roy and Elaine, but we'll have to do that again so I can redeem myself! At least none of the kids got sick yet.

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