Sunday, March 31, 2013

an Easter service to remember--

I'll try to make this short...and I sure wish I had a video.

We were in Green Bay this morning for Easter and went to church with Roy and Elaine. Considering we were there a total of two hours, the girls were really, really good. Elsa was perfect...big surprise.

There was a point during the collection that all the kids took their offering up to the front and put it in a basket the Priest was holding. I figured the girls would like to walk up there, stretch their legs. I quickly pulled out two $1 bills, gave Charlotte and Gretchen each one, told Gretchen to follow Charlotte, and for Charlotte to follow the other kids. Being the un-shy girls they are, they grabbed the money and left the pew to walk up front.

This all happened in a matter of 30 seconds.

Might I also preface the end of this story by saying there are two giant T.V. screens hanging up front so that everybody can see what's going on during mass. One screen on each side of the church. Kevin could see the girls walk up there but I could only see the screen. Kids started coming back and I still hadn't seen the girls on the screen. Turns out, they were one of the last ones because I was late to realize what the kids were all doing.

Gretchen lost Charlotte for a split second and both girls found themselves looking at the Priest with a basket. Charlotte put her money in. Gretchen reached to put her dollar in but backed up. Looked at the Priest, made a gesture like she was going to take some out, but put her dollar in. Then Gretchen took one step up the stairs (to the altar), paused, looked around, and took two more steps. Watching this on the screen I started pushing Kevin "go get her!!"

The entire congregation thought this must be funny because they started laughing and the entire place clapped when Kevin picked up Gretchen. At least she looked cute today.

After Mass the Priest said, "This was the first time I've ever had anybody pause and think about giving me their dollar!" Oh will be a mass to remember. Other people came up to us afterwards either cracking a joke or telling us how cute our little girl was.

All I have to say is, at least they thought it was "cute" because I was borderline mortified!

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