Sunday, March 10, 2013

DIY rainbow birthday cake

365 days ago Charlotte started planning her 4th birthday. I wonder where she gets her planning obession from....

Her 'My Little Pony' birthday turned into 'Rainbow Dash' birthday turned into 'Rainbow' birthday. This was just fine with me as a rainbow party was going to be much easier to pull off. The biggest part of this rainbow birthday was the cake. It had to be a rainbow cake. Of course, I couldn't just let the frosting be the only part of the spectacular rainbow. Off to Pinterest I went and found some excellent ideas.

This cake took many hours to make since I had to color so many parts of it. I started with white cake mix and split the batter into six parts. I colored each part and poured them into the pan. This created the marbled rainbow effect. I also made a ton of buttercream frosting, split that into parts, and colored them in individual bowls. The gel food colors are great to work with. Well worth the cost (but don't forget about a 40% off coupon from Michaels.) I sort of followed this tutorial on the rainbow cake.

While making this cake, I learned two very important tricks:

  1. To get a flat cake, cut a towel into 2" strips, get it wet, ring it out and tie it around the cake pan before you put it into the oven.
  2. An easy way to fill the pastry bag for piping is to stick the bag into a tall glass and bend the excess plastic bag around the glass. It was MUCH easier to fill the bags this way. I had to do it 7-8x.
  3. Drawing your idea in the frosting with a toothpick helps prevent error when frosting with the colors.

I also created a birthday cake banner for this cake because I knew her name wasn't going to fit on the cake once I had the rainbow on. In iPages I created colored diamonds, stuck a letter on, printed it on normal paper, then cut the diamonds out, folded in half, and glued them on some yarn. I didn't have any tall skewers in the house so those are knitting needles. It turned out adorable!

Best of all, my cute sweetie pie loved her rainbow birthday cake! Success!

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