Thursday, March 14, 2013

Elsa is 3 months today!

This little peanut is three months old (yesterday)! At 13 weeks, we can't believe that she is still the sweetest thing on the Earth! I took her to work yesterday and clients had no idea there was a baby in the office. She just eats, smiles, poops, and sleeps. Every time I see her I want to gobble her up and rub my face in her little neck and belly. Her skin is so soft, it's hard to resist.

Elsa is very generous with her smiles. Charlotte and Gretchen can even get her to crack. Sleeping is going ok. I still feed her once, maybe twice in the night. It's usually once around 3 a.m. Daylight savings time didn't really have an affect on the girls...just mom and dad. It's so hard to wake up these last few mornings. It's too dark out!

Elsa goes with the flow and is such a joy. Whenever I'm worn out from screaming or need a pick-me-up, I just look at this sweet little face and she brightens up my day. We all love Elsa and can't wait to see what another three months brings. I really can't imagine her sitting up in just three more short months or starting to eay solid food...where does the time go!?

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