Sunday, March 17, 2013

nothing new

There hasn't been much action around here. At least, nothing worth posting about. I haven't done much crafting or quilting! There hasn't been enough time and the basement is COLD.

Birthdays are now done in this house until Fall. We have them all crammed into a few winter months.

Since joining the YMCA, I've lost 7 pounds and Kevin said his belt is loose too. We've been working hard and keeping sweets out of the house. Charlotte is enjoying basketball a lot. She prefers to run in circles over trying to dribble, but there's still lots of time. Gretchen is a natural swimmer. She's jumping in the water without hanging onto anybody and she also goes underwater like a fish. Charlotte is taking lessons and getting better in her own way. Learning to float on her back and scoop the water with her arms.

For kicks, here is a photo of all three girls at three months old. You might have to click on the photo to see the entire thing. It's fun to see the girls morph as they get older. Gretchen and Elsa still look similar. I wonder how similar they will look in another few months...

Elsa, Gretchen, and Charlotte

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