Sunday, January 27, 2013

happy birthday gretchen!

WOW! Another year gone by? My little Gretchen is two! She's come such a long way this year. We've also learned a lot. The transition from one to two is so huge. Here she is just about one year ago.

13 months
We are celebrating her birthday next Saturday so this morning we celebrated with a balloon and a very sugary cupcake.

Gretchen has always been the kid to walk to her own tune. I laugh when I say Gretchen likes to 'wear' things, a.k.a. dress up. She wears hats, helmets, swimsuits, jewelry, underwear, shoes, coats, and most recently, Princess jammies. Gretchen has always played with other kids, not one to be shy. However, playing nicely was always a challenge. Thanks to the wonderful Diana, when she was about 19 months we discovered a speech problem. Suddenly her entire demeanor started to make sense. Since starting speech therapy we've noticed such a difference in how she plays with other kids. Gretchen has also grown up a lot in the last three months. Just watching her at the Princess Party yesterday, I can't believe how big she seems. I really think this next year is going to be a great one. I feel as if we are past terrible 2's in this house (with regard to Gretchen).

Gretchen has embraced her role as a big sister and loves her little sister Elsa. Gretchen is such a sweetie and has the cutest darn smile I've ever seen. 

Happy 2nd Birthday baby girl. We love you so much!!

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