Thursday, February 21, 2013

all about the kiddos

The girls are doing great! We've been really busy around here since joining the YMCA again. I've been trying to go 3-4 morning a week so that takes a good chunk of time out of the morning. The kids play at the kid care while I work out. Some of the time I take the younger two while Charlotte is at school.

We also have speech twice a week, usually in the morning as well. Grandma LaPean bought Gretchen those awesome Kaufman cards my earlier post was about. It was the greatest gift ever. The cards are really helping Gretchen with her speech and she LOVES the cards. She wants to work with them all day long. Charlotte can even work on the cards with her. Her speech is growing and so is her language. Now we are working on taking our 'speech words' and using them in play.

Elsa is still the perfect baby. Always happy. Takes a bottle great. Sleeps good. Hardly cries. Already 10 weeks old!! We just had photos taken so those should be up in a few weeks. Gretchen didn't want to sit still but I'm certain that Sarah Fitting was able to capture some great moments.

They all had their annual check-ups yesterday. My rock star mom took ALL THREE GIRLS to the pediatrician's office. How cool is that?! Here are their stats...

42" (95%)
39.5 lbs. (90%)

35.5" inches (on par to be 5'9") - 90%
29.5 lbs (80%)

24" (95%)
11 lbs. 7.4oz. (70%)

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