Saturday, January 5, 2013

Go away RSV

Well. Again I have to claim to be supermom. I keep surprising myself. i am extremely greatful for parents who have raised me to be smart and think on my toes.

The last few days Elsa has been sick and Thursday her pediatrician said she had a chest cold and to keep an eye on things. Fridays we went about our day as normal but after lunch she was a very grayish blue color and it was scaring me. I made an appointment to see the pediatrician again that afternoon but never made it. Around 2:30 she stopped breathing on me and I called 911 immediately. Stuck her over my shoulder and hit her back and sure enough she coughed up some flem and took a gaping breath. Alas, she turned pink again.

We had three cops at my house immediately and then the ambulance came. My neighbor took the big girls and I went to the ER with Elsa. Kevin met me at the ER and it was determined we needed to go to children's. I rode in the ambulance downtown and Kevin went back home.

Grandma has been here at the hospital overnight with me and we'll be here another fees days. She was admitted to the PICU and is on all sorts of machines to monitor her breathing and oxygen intake. We are still waiting for the cultures to come back but it's been decided that she probably has RSV, which in newborns is bad because they can just stop breathing. It attacks the respiratory system.

Everyone here is so kind and Elsa is in good hands.mi know she'll be ok. We have lots of support and Kevin is coming down for a little bit today.

It's moments like this I'm so glad I have my head screwed on and I have the right amount of parent paranoia. Keep Elsa in your prayers for a quick recovery. I've also skyped with the kids so we could talk and they could see their new little sister.


Julia Ellingboe said...

I hope Elsa is better soon. Hang in there mama!

Julia Ellingboe said...

I hope Elsa is better soon. Hang in there mama!

Christine Carey said...

I hope she makes a quick recovery!


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