Tuesday, November 6, 2012

thoughts and prayers

November 6, 2011

I don't think I'll ever forget this date. One year ago a very close friend of mine lost her newborn son. I was devastated to hear the news when I was calling in anticipation of hearing joyful news. This was something that wasn't supposed to happen.

It's been a hard year for my friend for a variety of reasons. I ask that you please take a moment and pray for her. Pray that she finds the strength that she needs to start a family again. She and her husband want more children but I simply can't imagine finding a way to overcome the past.

My heart aches for her everytime I think about my children. Seriously, all year I've been thinking about you sweetie.

As I sit here with just about six weeks to go in my pregnancy, the idea of such a loss makes me want to break down. I have to mentally banish such thoughts from my mind or I might sit here, dwell, and cry all day long.

If you are reading this my dear, please know that I love you and pray for you all the time.

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