Wednesday, November 7, 2012

34 weeks

What?! Six weeks to go? Are you serious? Maybe even less? I really can't believe how fast these last few weeks have gone by. I think because we've (I've) been so busy around here I haven't had time to think about my big belly until 8 p.m. each night. And by then, I'm asleep on the couch by 8:30 p.m. and the day is over.

Baby is the size of a pineapple and probably around five pounds. That's crazy! For all of you who have graciously said I hardly look that big, thank you, but I know that I actually am and sure do feel that way. Don't let my height fool you. I'm still measuring a little bigger with this baby then the girls. Perhaps all those guesses on a boy baby are correct!

My back has started hurting again. By day's end I really can't do anything and need to re-heat my heat pack multiple times. The bending is what's killing me but how can I possibly prevent bending over with two kids in the house!? There is crap all over my floor all the time. 

However, the mini van has been a life saver after only one week. It's so easy getting the kids in and out and the car is quite comfortable. My dreams were answered!

I'll have another doctor appointment next week and then those visits become weekly so stay tuned!

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