Saturday, October 20, 2012

latest happenings

I've been missing for awhile! Things are crazzzzy around here. Between school, work, and play, I've been gone almost every night of the week.

Gretchen has adjusted to her big girl bed very nicely. She naps every day and sleeps every night. She's even sleeping until about 6am or so, sometimes a little later. What a relief I tell you! Therapy is slow but good. I feel like I've seen improvement in her behavior. She's a little better at asking for help and things she wants. Sign language has helped but at the same time I don't want her to rely on using that instead of words she knows.

Charlotte has had the last two Fridays off of school but it's going well. Her behavior at school has been good as well. I am volunteering in her class for their Halloween party so I'm very excited to be there for a few hours or so!

I've also been working more hours. I'm supposed to be putting in 20 hours/week with my IRIS job but I'm managing only 6-10/week; not sure if I can even do another 10 hours. Some weeks, I'm already out every night doing home visits. Some daytime stuff has come up too, luckily I have some great friends that can step in and help out.

We went to the car dealership and started our minivan process. The guy will be going to the car auction to search for our perfect Toyota van, as long as it's not light blue or tan....

Crafting as been slow, mainly because of my back. I've started knittng a little more. Some of you may have seen the candy cane hat I  made for baby. It's not perfect but it's cute and I'm getting better. A Gretchen sized hat is in the works because that little girl is going to be one accessorizer. She wears hats, necklaces, clothes, and shoes whenever she can get her grubby hands on.

Baby Update
I had an OB appointment earlier this week. I'm 31 weeks along and measuring 32 cm big which is right on track. I've gained an appropriate amount of weight and my back actually has started feeling a little better. I try to take it easy when I can and have most definitely started traveling with my back pillow. Clothes are starting to be a bother. The shirts I have just don't seem long enough to cover the fabric stretchy portion on my pants. What a pain!! But, I don't want to rush things because I know 10 weeks will be here before I know it.

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