Friday, October 5, 2012

#2 escaped from jail today

This afternoon I was sitting on the couch talking to a client on the phone when I heard Gretchen's voice and it seemed loud. I thought, "Gee, that monitor really does pick up the sound!" Low and behold, I turned and Gretchen was coming down the stairs. What's funny is, I though she was napping...

Guess not.

Shocked, I shared my story with my client (she has five kids) and proceeded to finish the conversation. Then I went upsairs to see if she climed over the front or used the nightstand as a stepping stool. Turns out (she demonstrated for me) that she climbs over the front and scales down. OMG.

I tried twice more to get this child to nap and she would not have it. Gretchen also demonstrated her excellent door opening skills. I guess we'll have to get a hook and eye for her bedroom door.

There's no way I could risk this kid breaking a leg or her neck by climing out everytime we put her in so I took out the mattress. She looked at the empty crib and threw her animals in but I told her the crib is all gone and we have to sleep in the big girl bed now.

Enter the big girl bed. I've had it set up for awhile now. Charlotte was 22 months when she started sleeping in her big bed. Gretchen is just over 20 months. Hopefully this plan will work. We are starting with a trial tonight (Friday). We put her friends in bed and got cuddly sheets and blankets. I really, really hope this works.

Cross your fingers. 

Update: After many, many tears, Gretchen slept from 8pm to 6am. She even woke up at 1am and went back to sleep in the big bed. I guess that's Day 1.

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Floss said...

My daughter moved herself to her big girl bed. When she climbed out of her crib we quickly converted it to a toddler bed. Her big girl bed was sent up in the guest room (we had used it for a guest). In the middle of the night she got up and moved herself from the toddler bed to the big girl bed.


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