Monday, September 17, 2012

update on gretchen

If you heard that I was taking Gretchen in for a speech evaluation then I'm sure you are anxious to hear how it went. If you didn't hear that, then I'm sure you'll be curious to know what I'm talking about.

We are involved in a great Ozaukee Program called Parents as Teachers. We've had somebody out to the house every six weeks since Charlotte was about six months old. It was their suggestion that after knowing Gretchen her entire life, that perhaps we would want to have her speech evaluated, so out came a woman from Children's Hospital to just check Gretchen out.

After that initial evaluation she suggested that perhaps Gretchen could have Apraxia and we should look in speech therapy a little futher. Now after multiple phone calls to our parents, they all started looking up apraxia on the Internet and began freaking out (yes, you did start freaking out). I, on the other hand, did not look up anything except how to spell it because I knew I would start freaking out and with the extra hormones in my body right now, I didn't not need that.

Today we had an official evaluation done at Ozaukee Therapy in Mequon. They are a pediatric speciality practice and came with good recommendations. I was very happy with our therapist and felt comfortable around her. She basically said she coulnd't diagnose Gretchen with apraxia because she's too little.  She alos said there's definitely a gap between what she's able to communicate and what she can understand so therapy would cetainly help her out.

The Birth To Three program came up as another option for us by the thearpist. But, if there is a problem, and Gretchen does need help, I would like to get weekly therapy for awhile. The B23 program is only able to visit homes every few weeks or so. We have really good insurance so I decided that private therapy is the way to go. Especially since I have a few months to dedicate to Gretchen before the baby arrives at Christmas.

Starting in two weeks, we'll be going to therapy on Monday mornings for 35 minutes or so while Charlotte is at preschool.

For those of you worried about Gretchen, thank you for loving her. It doesn't sound as serious as apraxia but theres certainly a slight communication struggle for her. I'm hoping that with some therapy she'll be able to express herself and quilt pulling her sister's hair!!

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Christine Carey said...

Your daughter will probably love speech therapy, and little ones make such quick progress! I hope it works out great for you!


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