Friday, September 7, 2012

weekend in green bay

This Labor Day weekend we took a hike up to Green Bay to visit Kevin's parents. The kids sure had a lot of fun!! On Saturday we went to the NEW Zoo and that's always a blast. The penguins were swimming up agaist the glass that the kids were standing up against. It was pretty cool.

On Sunday we went to Bay Beach -- a fantastic amusement park for little kids where rides are still only $0.25. Yes, it's awesome! Gretchen LOVED the rides as I knew she would. We only lasted two hours with the kids but that was plenty of fun. Charlotte hated the bumper cars and Gretchen loved her first taste of cotton candy. More photos on the Flickr site.

At Grandma's house the kids got to spend a little time down by the water swimming and playing. Charlotte has turned into quite the fishergirl. She LOVES fishing with her princess pole and caught something like seven fish!! One was a huge (mountable) bass!! What a girl!

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