Monday, August 27, 2012

penguin in my house

A few weeks ago Charlotte (3.5) randomly asked me for a penguin costume. We don't have an overabundance of penguin things in this house. I asked her where she got the idea from and there wasn't much of an answer. But, jumping at the opportunity to make something for one of my kiddos, I was stoked to make her the cutest penguin costume ever. And for those of you who have asked or want to ask, yes, she'll be a penguin for Halloween. It's only a month away and I'm not making another cosutme.

I still have to make her some feet for the cosutme. Some that will probably go over her shoes. I followed a tutorial by Ashley at Make It And Love It, but her's was for size 12 mo. This is probably a 4T cosutme and was easy to change things up. It was my first zipper too. Woot woo!!

Here's a photo of Charlotte when Kevin found her in the kitchen. It was a bit quiet and I guess there was a good reason for that.

I also have plans on making a Gretchen sized penguin costume. They will be so cute (and warm) this Halloween!

1 comment:

Floss said...

The costume is so cute, remind me that I don't have long to work out costume for Halloween.


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