Tuesday, August 28, 2012

mom life lesson #29

Oh. Boy.

Charlotte got two stitches today.

getting prepped for stitches

She wasn't that happy when she was getting the stitches.

Charlotte and her friend were running around the patio table outside. I knew one of those darn kids would hit their head on a chair. So, instead of saying, "Stop running, go on the grass!" I pulled all the chairs in closer to the table. Well, you can guess what happened next.

Luckily my friend Brandi was walking in my door and I was able to assess the gash and take her to urgent care without having to take Gretchen with me. Brandi...I am so thankful you can be at my house with no instruction, take care of things, eat lunch, and watch the kids. THANK YOU!

Have You Ever Wonderd What Would Happen if You Got Pulled Over?
When I'm driving around I'm constantly thinking about what I would do in an emergency situation and how I would react. I've always wondered what I would do or say to a police officer if I got pulled over for speeding on the way to the hosptial. Would s/he understand? Should I pull over or keep driving?

Well today, I got the chance to live that scenario. On the way to the Urgent Care Clinic I got pulled over with only a half-mile to go. I sort of slowed down when I saw the cop and prayed that he wouldn't get me. After I didn't see him following me I kept speeding into the clinic. After I turned the corner I saw the lights blazing behind me and I kept driving to the parking lot. I got out of the car and handed over my license (or tried to) while getting ready to take Charlotte out of the car. (To my defense I was only going like 40-45 mph but the speed limit is turtle slow on the road I had to take. It's a two lane road, I wasn't driving recklessly.) 

Oh man, he started to bitch at me and it was well deserved, I guess. I explained that my 3-year-old just put a gash in her head and needed stitches. He looked into the car and said, "She's not crying..." I almost punched the guy. I told him she HAD BEEN crying and just stopped. Her gash wasn't even gushing blood (becuase I'm an awesome Mom doctor). So, he scolded me some more and let me off without even a warning. (Thanks big guy.)

After some lovely nurses came in they decided that Charlotte would need stitches. Of course by now I was a blubberling mess, hormones and all. I knew what was coming and that Charlotte had no clue what was going to happen. They had a numbing gel that had to sit for 30 minutes (which is better than getting a shot with numbing stuff). 

Insert thought. If you don't have a smart phone and have small children, you don't know what your're missing out on until you get one. My phone helped almost as much as the nurses did today. Thank you  Apple and Culvers (as promised to Charlotte).

So anyways, Charlotte was such a trooper until it was stitches time. She layed still as well as a little kid can (no flayling or restraints needed) but screamed that it hurt when the doc stuck the hook needle into her eyebrow. I felt immensley horrible. After all, it was my bad mom judgement that put her here!

Luckily she only needed two stitches and they'll have to be removed next week. Photo to come.

She's fine now and bounced back better than I did.

Did I mention that I was close to passing out after she got her stitches. Yea. I needed water and a cold wash cloth. I guess it was more traumatic for me.

We're home now. Feet up. Charlotte is asking to go outside and play. Don't these kids ever stop?!

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