Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday WIP

Despite all the emergency room visits we've had in this house, I've still managed to make some time to get crafty things done around here. With only four months until baby arrives it feels like crunch time around here.

Kevin's cousin Katie got married recently and I have most of the blocks ready for her wedding guest book quilt. As many as 50 people ended up not coming so that leaves us about 25 blocks short. I'm going to end up putting a print border on the quilt to make it a good lap sized one. After I get the remaining signature blocks from her I'll start assembling the quilt top.

wedding guest book quilt

I'm still working on my chevron knit baby blanket. Due to counting errors I did rip many, many rows out to start again. It's looking good.

Now that we finally have a nice dining room table I really wanted to have some oversized quilted placemats. I have two finished and six to go. Quilting at my sewing machine is not ideal for the prego mama's back.

I'm also working on making a matching penguin costume for Gretchen. This is Charlotte's costume almost complete.

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