Wednesday, July 4, 2012

WIP, 16 weeks, and more...

We. Are. Melting. Here.

Well, I can't actually complain because we have A/C and I'm sure more than half of America doesn't. I saw a weather map on the national news and the whole continental U.S. was red and orange. Yeah. It's not.

I'm 16 weeks! Somehow that feels like a milestone. I had a doctor appointment on Monday but saw a different physician because mine was delivering a baby. It was a very quick appointment with a blood pressure check, weight, and heart beat. The heart sounded strong and I'll go back in four more weeks for the BIG 20 week ultrasound! If you didn't know already we are NOT finding out the sex of baby #3. Any guesses?

Kiddos at Independence Day Parade
Update on the kids...Gretchen is fighting bed time, waking up at night, and instigating fights with her older sister any moment she can. Did I mention she's only 17 months? Geeze, we're going crazy over here!

As for quilting, Kevin has a cousin getting married in August and she requested a guestbook quilt. I am putting everything together for her and was able to cut all the white HST and iron them on to freezer paper. The freezer paper will make it easier for everyone to sign the blocks. Stay tuned!

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