Wednesday, May 30, 2012

life's moving fast

Wow! Things are moving fast around here and although it's exciting, it hasn't seemed exciting enough to blog about. For Memorial Day weekend we went to the cabin to spend time with Kevin's parents. Great-Grandma even stopped out with Aunt Jane to say hi! The girls love being up there and were thrilled to see everybody. Their favorite part of the weekend is sitting on the tractor and riding in the Ranger. Spoiled kids!

Gretchen also went to the beach for the first time! She wasn't sure, at first, but quickly realized that splashing was fun and even took a digger into the water but survived with a smile.

We got some new carpet in the family room (yay!!) and have generally been busy playing with the neighborhood kids. We play before dinner and after dinner until sometimes, Charlotte brings herself in because she's so tired! Elaine was kind enough to lend me her bike (indefinitely) so after I get Gretchen a helmet, I plan on biking to parks with them this summer (instead of driving). Should be fun!!

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