Friday, April 20, 2012

laying low

Sorry I've been absent around here. It's hasn't been too exciting. I haven't done much quilting/crafting and the kids really haven't been up to much either. We've had a spurt of cold weather around here and that doesn't exactly make us productive. 

Over the weekend we got to ride bikes outside (Charlotte can now ride around the court on her tricycle), do a little re-planting and gardening, and painted the downstairs bathroom. Two little girls also moved in just two houses down from us. It's great for Charlotte!!

But this cold weather is really a downer. We've all had a cold/cough on and off. Gretchen is going on about two weeks here. We're miserable! The kids are dying to get outside every day but the rain isn't helping. Argh. Summer, where are you?!

new ladybug wings

sick baby girl

striped bathroom

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