Friday, April 13, 2012

five year anniversary

Friday the 13th means something a little different in our household. Five years ago we were married on a sunny (and snowy) afternoon and nothing bad happened. Yes, we were married on Friday the 13th. Looking back I can't believe how fast time has gone by. Kevin and I only date for a year-and-a-half before we were engaged. In the time we've known each other we've done a lot of fun things. I always imagined we'd go back to Napa Valley for our 5-year anniversary, but we'll have to settle for dinner downtown. At least we are making it a special occassion and going to Lake Park Bistro. Yum!!

Kevin and I are opposities, but the good kind. We compliment each other very well. We've had some really good times and some really bad times. But that's what marriage is about. Accepting the ups and the downs but always making sure you are there for the other person. I know we  have a long life ahead and can't wait to see what's in store. The family we've made together is amazing!

Here's a walk down memory lane for you.

Boundary Waters 2005?
newly engaged August 2006
San Francisco
We got puttpies (Griffin & Zoe)
Alaska backpacking July 2007
Cozumel, Mexico

Boundary Waters 2008

We became parents (Charlotte) March 2011
We added on to the family
Green Bay, Bay Beach - summer 2011

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Erika and Happy Anniversary. You and Kevin have been to some amazing places on you have a favorite?


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