Monday, April 30, 2012

15 months

Can you believe Gretchen is 15 months old? I can't! Overnight it seems she's turned into a toddler; walking all over the place, running when she knows she did something naughty, climbing stairs, going down stairs on her belly, climbing chairs, sitting on bikes, biting, and grabbing hair.

She still isn't much of a talker but has no problem telling you what she wants. Her pointer finger has an awful lot of power around here. She does say Dada, Mama, and signs 'more' all the time. She loves the dog and can often be found feeding him her food. She's a great eater. Some recent discoveries are tomatoes and broccoli, YES!

She's 32 1/4" tall (95%) and 22#11oz (50%). Gretchen is growing beautifully and we love our little cuddle bug.

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