Friday, May 4, 2012

summer's almost here

This week we got another sampling of summer here in Wisconsin and wow, it was great! Besides Charlotte, there are five other little girls in our neighborhood, within just a few houses, for her to play with. Since school is still in session they can only play after school or on the weekends, but Charlotte looks forward to it all day long. She is usually looking out the window at the driveways trying to convince me the neighbors are home.

This photo was the other night, three of them were still over in our backyard playing. Kevin was helping them catch butterflies and then letting them fly away. I think each girl got one! They were pretty excited!

This brings me to another observation of mine. I've turned into the Mom that would rather have all the kids at her house. These are all nice families, I've met the parents and spoken on numerous occasions, but I still prefer all the kids to be at my house. Gretchen is still young enough that she has to be with me, so if they are at our house she can play with the big kids, but I still just like having my kids around here. We have a great yard, it's big, and I feel safer when I can have one eye on them.

Do you think I'm overprotective? I think I'm just a Mom.

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