Saturday, March 17, 2012

bee block & more

I've finished my March Bee block for the MKE Modern Quilt Guild Bee. Amy had us all create a the Missing Your Kiss Block from Modern Blocks
"missing your kiss" block

On another note, a fellow Guild quilter, Linda at Stitch Sister, has tagged me and I'm going to participate this time. Here's everything you didn't need to know about me:

How big is your fabric stash? (i.e., how many boxes, bins or pounds?  You determine the measurement)  
I have one tub and a small armoire with folded fabric remnants in it. Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of just buying fabric so I usually purchase exactly what I need. But trust me, I wish I had a larger stash (of fabric).

Are you an early bird or night owl?
Totally an early bird. I can hardly stay up past 9 p.m. I wake up with the sun, so whenever that is, I'm up. However, Gretchen tends to wake up before the sun so I get up with her and immediately turn the coffee on.

Do you speak any other languages?  If not what other language do you wish you knew?
I know about 20 words of German and 20 ASL signs. I wish I could sign more fluently because my cousin Dan is deaf. I've tried in the past by taking classes but never stuck with it for various reasons. I've been informed that Charlotte will be learning Spanish in school so it turns out I just might be learning a new language in the next few years.

What store do you have a hard time leaving empty-handed (online or bricks and sticks)?
Shopping is the death of me. Why does everything have to be so cute? Now that I've started quilting it's hard not to purchase fabric from places like Hawthorne Threads (online), Patched Works, or Fabric Worm (online). Otherwise, I crave Boden, J.Crew and Anthropologie. However, I seem to stick to Kohl's and Target (so sad)...

What are your favorite blogs to read?
There is a list of blogs I generally follow on the right side bar. Mostly quilting blogs, but a lot of other Moms and crafty things. Hobbies to keep me occupied. Besides, my girls are the perfect people to make things for!

What is your favorite book or movie?
I loved reading the Philippa Gregory books: The Constant PrincessThe Other Boleyn GirlThe Wise WomanThe Boleyn InheritanceThe Queen's FoolThe Virgin’s Lover, The Other Queen, etc. She writes primarily on the Tudor period and the 16th century. She's an amazing writer and truly knows how to put the reader right in the story. They are the perfect mix of history and fiction.

Where do you sew?
Since we moved last July I finally have a permanent table set up in the basement. It's a pretty good set-up and I love that I can leave my projects out and they don't get disturbed. I use Kevin's workbenches as a cutting table, thanks Kev!

When did you make your first quilt?
I completely finished my first quilted quilt in June 2010. It's the ragged squares quilt and I tried straight-line quilting because I didn't have a walking foot yet. I also used cheap poly batting and ended up spending HOURS ripping out stitches so I could re-quilt it. My VERY first quilt (16yo) was queen sized and a quarter of it hand sewn. I ended up taking it apart, adding some more fabric squares and re-quilting it to preserve it. Now it's in the cabin and will be one of my most treasured quilts.

How many hours per week (per day?) do you spend on Pinterest?  What, if anything have you made/acquired/acted on that you pinned?
I'm truly addicted to Pinterest. A virtual pinboard that not only bookmarks your favorite links but gives you a photo and a way to easily search ideas? Genius! I've made a Rapunzle wig for Charlotte, a cutting board holder in the kitchen, cork board in the kitchen pantry, felt car mat, and MORE! I've also contributed to Pinterest: my baby hat shadow box which has more than 13,000 (yes!!) views!

What’s your favorite quilting tip? I've never taken one.

Did you make a New Years resolution? Have you kept it? I normally don't but made a big apology to a friend at the beginning of the year. Sadly, I don't think it mattered. Things haven't changed.

I'm tagging: 

  1. Sarah @ Life: An Observation
  2. Dana (sorry!) @ A Day In The Life
  3. Tracey @ TraceyJay Quilts

If you were tagged:
  • answer the questions above
  • create 11 new questions  (or use the same ones) ie:  Name one thing about yourself that most people would be surprised to learn,  How did you come up with your blog name?
  • tag 2-3 other blogs and link to them in your post
  • let them know you’ve tagged them
  • have fun!

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traceyjay said...

Erika -- I got your email and am planning to respond very soon! :)

And do you happen to like the fabric line "Blush?" (here's a link to see the swatches: I have a way bigger than I should have fabric stash, and was going to sell some of it, but I feel more like I should send a few fat quarters your way. :)

I want to check out those books!
Thanks for tagging me... it is always nice to meet bloggy moms! :)


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