Friday, January 20, 2012

first step preschool, next step Harvard

I've done it. I've turned into one of those mothers. The kind that stresses about things that probably won't affect the future at all and one that will stand in line in the sleeting snow to sign their child up for preschool. Ok, so not the sleeting snow, but you get the point.

Next month I'll be signing Charlotte up for 3K and we'd decided to send her to one of the local Catholic schools. However, this school seems to be a little more competitive to get into because the parish is so large. There are already 12 kids signed up and only 18 can be in the class. That leaves me with six spots to try and fit my kid into. So yes, at 9:30 a.m. I'll be at the school with my paperwork already completed ready to push anybody over to get my kid enrolled. The way I'm handling it, you'd think she was trying to get into Harvard this Fall.

Since when have mothers started caring so much about preschool? I'm fairly new to mothering so it's always been this way to me, but was it always this way? I do promise my children I won't let them have filled calendars by the age of five. Sure we are always out-and-about, but having scheduled activities that you can't-miss-no-matter-what every day of the week? No thanks. Not when they still have the opportunity to just be kids.

I know it's ok if she isn't one of the six to get into the class. There is another great Catholic school in the other direction only two miles away. I'm sure she'll get a great preschool education there as well. Besides, PBS has already taught her everything she knows. I think PBS is like Harvard for toddlers. 

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