Tuesday, December 20, 2011

family photo

We decided to get a family photo taken. I was so excited about it!! I crave professional photos after walking into other people's homes and seeing the wonderful artistic creations hanging on their walls. I knew my mom would also love to have a family photo of all her children and grand-children.

Alright, what a good photo you are thinking, right? We'll here here comes my critique. I hate it. All of it. The color, the lighting, the burry, the staging and....the fact you can see the crappy seats we are sitting on. Needless to say, I'm so disappointed! Uber, uber disappointed. These wen't cheap, but apparently, I'll have to spend even more next time to hire a GREAT photographer. I've spoken to the guy and he's trying to work with me, but I think I just didn't do nearly enough research and waited too long to book an appointment.

Charlotte & Gretchen
Here are my beautiful girls. It's a better photo (lighting) but still not crisp and clean. Why, oh why, do I seem to have such bad luck at photography.

Update: Gretchen is starting to walk along the couch. Watch out!
Quilting update: I have a very special quilt I'm quilting this week to finish up. Photos to come right after Christmas.
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