Sunday, December 18, 2011

oh what fun

Did you know that Gretchen is crawling like a maniac all over the place? She can't hardly be stopped. On Thursday she moved from the ottoman to the couch (standing) and I know it's gonna be Christmas and she'll be surfing along all my furniture. Seriously, if she has free roam, I can turn around for a second and she's gone and into the next room. Crazy! If you tell her no she also has a fit. Not liking it when Mom and Dad limit her reach.

Charlotte is doing great and loving the Season. The poor kid keeps asking for snow and wants to go sledding. Personally, no snow has been rather nice for every day travels, but I know it just can't be Christmas without a blanket of beautiful snow outside.

Last week we played a little baseball with the kiddos for a MOM's event. I can't say she'll be a baseball player, but the way she was running around the cages, I do think she'll be a track & field star!

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Anonymous said...

Track & Field just like her mom. That would be fun!


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