Wednesday, August 10, 2011

multi-purpose sunroom

Did you know I have a multi-purpose sunroom? Not only can you hang out in there three seasons out of the years, but it's large enough to lay and almost-king-sized quilt on the floor to baste.

I tried the kitchen, but it wan't wide enough. If this didn't work I was going to resort to the driveway, or my mom's house. But, it was easy to clean and there wasn't much furniture to move around. Love it!

Gretchen went to the doctor on Tuesday. She was scared of him...not like her to be scared of strangers, but she was. That only added to the tears because of course, she had to get three shots. (The nurse does those...) Gretchen is 28" (97%) and 17 lbs. 10 oz. (75%). She is the same height as Charlotte at 6 months but weighs TWO POUNDS more!! Can you say beefcake!?

My sweet Gretchen has been a grouch the last week or so. Must be growing pains. I see a little slit in her lower gum line so it's only a matter of days before we see a little tooth. I looked in the baby book and Charlotte was just over 7 months when she got a tooth and Miss Gretchen is hovering around 6.5 months.

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