Monday, August 8, 2011

photo shoot

Today I took the girls to get their photos taken. Charlotte needed a good 2-year photo and Gretchen was due for her 6-month photo. Let's just say things could have gone better.

We went to JCP. Can't say that I'll be going there again. Gretchen's shirt was all wet and icky when we got there. The one in the photo is a $2.99 shirt I found at JCP before the shoot. Close call. Charlotte had a huge poop right before the photo shoot and they made me go to the other side of the store to use the restroom to change it. By now I'm sweating and have a headache.

She took photos of Gretchen first then a few of the girls. I thought things were going well until she said her flash wasn't working and the photos didn't turn out. By now Charlotte is jumping on the couch behind me and could hardly sit there. I was bribing her with the thought of McDonald's when we were finished. So we did the photos all over again starting with Gretchen who was now crying and could hardly sit up anymore. This is how well the double shoot was going. We barely got a photo of the two girls together, I was quite disappointed.
not the greatest photo shoot

This is the best she could get of the two girls. Not very cohesive, but it works. The photos of the girls individually turned out. They are so adorable! We all went home and slept. Well, I didn't but I stayed on the couch recovering. I tell ya. What a morning.
charlotte - 2 
gretchen - 6 mo

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The Michna's said...

Cute, cute pictures of the girls! Both are getting so big:)


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