Wednesday, August 31, 2011

grilled pizza

I love pizza, but I consider myself a pizza snob. I only like good pizza and get utterly disappointed when I run into a bad pizza dough. The last few years I've taken to making my own pizza dough and pizza at home, thin crust and deep dish. It's so much tastier, cheaper, and I always have the ingredients in the house.

my first grilled pizza
This turned out really good, especially if you like extra crispy crust. I did have a hard time getting the dough on the grill, but it worked out ok after breaking a sweat, multitasking a screaming Gretchen and trying not to start the grill on fire.

See, the trick is that you cook the plain dough first, on one side, on the grill. Then remove it, flip it, brush the grilled side with sauce and toppings, and return the pizza to the grill for final cooking. Getting it on the second time was much easier and getting it off was a breeze. I reserved a little extra sauce for dipping, that was definitely needed. The crust gets really, really crispy.

I put on what we had in the house: basil, zucchini, tomato, spinach, mushrooms and cheese. Enjoy!

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