Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bay Beach

What a fun weekend! Seriously, a really fun weekend! It all started on Friday night when my college buddy Randy Jansen got married to a wonderful woman in Appleton. It was so great to see my best college friends again. I really do miss them and wish we could see each other more often. We are the only ones with kids, Penny lives in (715) area code and Ralph and Becky just got married with Becky still in Michigan and Ralph in the Air Force. Maybe someday we'll do things more often, but that's doubtful. I'll just have to cherish the few times a year we see them all.
Ralph, Rebecca, Erika, Kevin, Penny & Josh
Then on Saturday (the kids were with Grandma LaPean) the five of us went to Bay Beach in Green Bay. It's a mini amusement park for families and the rides are $0.25 each! For around $5 you can have a whole day's worth of fun, however, the kids lasted about two hours. This was Charlotte's first time on any kind of fair ride and I wasn't sure how she'd do. A little hesitant at first, she was eager to give the tenant her ticket and jump into the car or ladybug or whatever she could. The giant slide was a little too scary for Charlotte so Kevin and I raced down. Then I also got Kevin to go on the Zippin' Pippin' with me. (I think he even put his arms up once despite the fact that he's not exactly a roller coaster guy.) I loved Elvis' favorite roller coaster and could have gone multiple times for only a buck per ride.

Here are some highlights and you can always find more here:

Lastly, Charlotte got to go fishing with Daddy and she absolutely loved it. She was ready to string the worm and throw a cast. When they got a small mouth bass Charlotte was insistent on holding the fish and putting him back in the water. Looks like Dad has new fishin' buddy...

AND she fed the giraffes at the NEW Zoo!

Gretchen turned 7 months old on Sunday. She has a tooth on the bottom with another bottom tooth well on the way. She's a beefcake and can't seem to each enough food. We just keep giving it to her and she keeps eating. What a good eater this one is.
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