Tuesday, July 12, 2011

she did it!

She did it!! Yesterday, as I mentioned, Charlotte tinkled on the sidewalk for a popsicle. I didn't intend for her to do that, but bad habbits from the country came with us. Today the kids were with Grandma Horstmeyer all day becuase I had to work 11 hours!! But, they had an exciting day, especially Charlotte...

Charlotte tinkled on the sidewalk again so my mom decided to get out the frog potty.
Charlotte went tinkle on the fog potty...a first! This was after watching the Elmo Potty movie. I guess she was paying attention. She has been watching that a lot lately and maybe, it finally made sense. Then, my mom said if she went poop on the potty she would get a cake. Well...my child loves cake. Actually, the frosting. After sitting there for while, she made it happen! Now Grandma was in a bind. Charlotte wanted cake and a promise is a promise. So, she had to pack the kids up and take them to the store so Charlotte could pick out a cake. A little one with a HUGE buttercream flower on top. And to put a cherry on top, she told everybody at the store that she went poop on the potty and was getting cake.
potty cake
So, on my way home I picked up some stickers. Charlotte and I made a sticker chart and she will get a sticker for evey time she uses the potty and then a prize for every 5 times. She totally gets it. This will be fun....as fun as potty training gets...
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Grandma H said...

Yeah! Grandma comes thru.

Actually I made it fun for her and a promise is a promise. I had to first put the base for Gretchen's care seat in my car and then pack both up. Drive to Sendicks and yes Charlotte told EVERYONE in the store that she pooped in the potty chair. She would raise both arms over her head and say" Yeah for Charlotte, I went poop in the potty chair" Everyone she told laughed and many said "good job" or mimicked her and raised there hands above their heads and said" Yeah Charlotte"

I am usre I will be telling this story for years.

Grandma H


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