Friday, July 15, 2011

gretchen's first eats

Update: Charlotte has not sat on the potty since Grandma came over. The cake has been staring at me. The potty chart isn't working. Neither are the stickers.

Update: I lost my phone. Don't call me.

Gretchen. She's hungry, I know it! She'll be 6 months in just a week or so and I decided it was time to start food. Last night at dinner I got the highchair out and some rice cereal made. I've also been hyping this up by telling Charlotte that she gets to teach Gretchen how to eat. The second kid around, I made the rice cereal much thicker than when Char had it for the first time.

Gretchen was all about the food! She was grabbing the spoon and trying to shove it in her mouth. The tongue was a little iffy about the new texture but soon enough it was going down the trap. I plan on trying sweet potatoes very soon as the rice cereal is so bland!

Here's the fun story...everything was ready and on the table. Kevin and I both turned around for something or another. We look back at Gretchen and she has rice cereal all over her mouth and face. Yep, Charlotte gave her her first bites!! Charlotte was being a big sister and feeding Gretchen. No worries, no children were injured during this trial. Gretchen seemed happy and so did Charlotte.

Update: We also found out how to get Charlotte to sleep at an early bedtime; let her chase Griffin after dinner in the backyard until she collapses!
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Anonymous said...

Yes, Grandma return today and yes Charlotte is happy to sit on the "frog" and tinkle. She was able to put a sticker on her chart and pick out a new car.

Still dry at 9:30! See how the day goes.

Grandma H


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