Monday, July 11, 2011

settled in

Ah..... We are getting settled in. Tonight will be our third night in the house and it already feels like home. I've been working at slowly unpacking boxes so that things are put away right the first time. Charlotte's room was first to be unpacked and she absolutely loves it. All the excitement has been a damper on our nap schedule, but I think we'll get back into the swing shortly.

The heat...I haven't been able to handle! It's just been too hot for all the work I've been doing. I can't seem to get the A/C cranked high enough to cool down. Dare I say I can't wait for fall??

Gretchen is doing good. She had a rough first night in the house. Sleeping in the pack 'n play didn't fare well with her. She was waking up all night long. On the other hand, napping in the pack 'n play in the warm, cozy sunroom in the afternoon is her favorite thing to do. Still rolling over all over the place. Grabbing for toys and putting the nookie in her mouth all by herself. I'm very happy to announce she is taking a much that I think she is getting annoyed with nursing (it takes longer).

Charlotte is busy, busy, busy. It is nice being so much closer to our friends. The house is definitely home to my little girl. Today she went potty on the sidewalk for a popsicle. Now I just need to figure out how to make her pee on the potty. At least it's still a start...

Kevin is working hard on projects around the house; getting things into tip-top shape around here. He had a wonderful trip to Alaska, filled with rain and mosquitoes. It's always nice for him to see his buddy.
solo canoeist for the week
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