Friday, June 10, 2011

gretchen a.k.a. wedding crasher

Since the move I know I haven't been keeping up with the blogging. Some of you are probably wondering what on Earth the kids have been up to. I did finish another quilt and plan to have it basted by next week and quilted shortly. It's bright and I can't wait to show it to you; a twin size for the poppy bedroom at my mom's house.

Gretchen has officially rolled over to her tummy. She doesn't do it all the time, her shoulder tends to get in the way. Pretty soon it will be a normal occurrence as she definitely moves around when on the ground. She's also been in the jumperoo and her legs are getting stronger!

This past weekend Kevin and I went up to Door County for my friend Ralph's wedding. Isn't his bride beautiful?
Ralph & Rebecca

 They had an amazing wedding at The Chanticleer in Sturgeon Bay. The B&B was rented out for their few guests and we had a beautiful weekend filled with sun, friends and best of all, NO KIDS! Unfortunately, Gretchen wasn't going to let us get away that easy. I do admit that most of it is my own fault. Most of you know, I'm nursing and things are really easy for us. Saving and storing milk is such a hassle that I dread doing it and never want to waste it in a bottle. Well, I should have worked harder at introducing the bottle because Gretchen wouldn't take one on Friday. She went 8 hours without eating and after lots of tears (her) and phone calls (Grandma), Kevin and I met Grandma, Gretchen and Charlotte in Oshkosh to pick-up the little one and take her back to Door County with us.

If you look at the B&B website it politely says "NO KIDS." I begged the innkeepers....I swore she was a quiet, perfect baby....and since we had the whole B&B they said it was ok. YES! We didn't have to leave! Thankfully, Gretchen was a perfect little girl all weekend (as I had promised), even though she tried pretty hard to steal the spotlight from the bride. (Rebecca was too beautiful to let that happen!) So, I've definitely learned my lesson...

If you REALLY want to get away....make 110% sure your nursing baby will take a bottle!

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