Thursday, June 9, 2011

Miss Heidi a Mister?

Today I got an interesting phone call from my mother. Heidi, the new puppy, went into the vet to be spayed. However, the vet called and informed us that she's a true hermaphrodite with both male and female parts. Oh my goodness!! And this is a certified AKC German Sheperd from the Falcon Du Chien line in Big Bend/Eagle area of Wisconsin. They continued with the spay (neuter) but what a shock this was! It's quite rare and I'm not sure she can even be AKC certified after this.

It's kind of strange thinking that Heidi is really a "he" as she had more dominant male parts than female. Will this change the way she acts? We purposly picked a female dog for the dynamics of the household so I hope this doesn't change anything. Maybe this is why she has the largest feet on any female GSD that we've ever seen. Looking at our reactions to this, I can't imagine how parents feel when they get the news about one of their children. So, do we change her name? Or just have a male dog named Heidi.....
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