Monday, June 13, 2011

mama, can i have a pony?

real horseback riding by [griff] [griff] 'n [chuck]
real horseback riding, a photo by [griff] [griff] 'n [chuck] on Flickr.
Charlotte loves ponies. The only chance she ever has to ride is at the zoo. Luckily, I found a stable, Erin Meadows Farm, right by my mom's house that has pony rides on Sunday afternoons. But, here, she gets to really RIDE the pony. No strap, no mama, no holding on. It was all Charlotte and her monkey legs. She got to ride the pony for like 5 laps and she loved every minute of it. I can see she's going to be asking me for a pony/horse as soon as she realizes that people can actually own them.
Walking down the hill by herself!

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